If you are looking for photographic evidence of standing on the beach together wearing matching clothes, I'm not the photographer for you.

I document what makes your family unique- the quirks, love, laughter, joy, and even the tantrums.

My Process

1. Inquiry

Reach out! I'm available to answer any of your questions to make sure I'm the right fit for your family.

2. Booking

I make this super easy- based on the dates you will be in town and my availability, I'll send you a link to finalize your booking.

3. Session Design

It's my goal to create portraits that are deeply meaningful to your family. I will work with you to design a session that achieves this. We will select the ideal location, whether it's at your home, the beach, or a park.

4. The Session

I approach each session with no expectations and I encourage you to do the same. Plan on arriving with one goal: letting your kids be themselves. I want to capture their personality and your connection with them. The more laughter and energy the better.

5. After the session and forever

While great for sharing online, I don't believe that digital files are a finished product. If the goal is to preserve and relive this moment in your family's history, investing in albums and wall art is imperative. I make this process easy.

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