Your session will feel like

Playing with your kids on the beach. Enjoying time together. A fun night during your vacation, not a stressful one.

Let Go of Expectations

I come into each session with no expectations and I encourage you to do the same. Plan on arriving with one goal: letting your kids be themselves. I want to capture their personality and your connection with them. The more laughter and energy the better.

My Philosophy

I'm Michael Beard. My goal at every session is to capture what makes each family unique. I believe in creating art for families that will be treasured for generations- to accomplish this, I offer the highest quality archival wall art and albums. Although great for sharing online, I strongly believe that digital files are not a finished product.


The price for a family of 6 or less is $650. This includes access to a shareable online gallery where you can order gorgeous wall art, albums, or simply download the images to use however you like. Pricing for larger groups available upon request.

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